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    9 nov 2018 por $on of a Bach

    Is there a way to import MathJax on this wiki, and if so could it be added?

    There is a problem with standard tags, and that is that it breaks up lines. Every time the tag is used the sentence an equation is used in will sometimes move down a line and it just gets annoying. See 0 for an example of this.

    So, could MathJax be added to the wiki?

    If you (speaking to Nathan because he is the only one able to contact STAFF and have them change the appropriate MediaWiki page here) need to know how to add MathJax, I unfortunately can't really help with that. I've forgotten where the code for importing MathJax is on the main googology site or on the Japanese wiki is, but I do remember it being in the "MediaWiki" namespace.

    I've edited pages of that sort …

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